About us

Our story

The best digital products are created from personal experience. Klapper is one of those ideas.

You know that feeling when you’re online trying to achieve something, and you just can’t figure it out? You’ve tried the FAQ page, the tutorials, the self-help, but nothing helped. You’ve tried calling the helpdesk, but you have been waiting forever, bounced around or hung up upon. You’re annoyed. We’ve been there. Many times.

Annoyed and frustrated, we wondered if there is a way to offer simple user support, without queues, long phone calls, and annoyed users.

We all agreed that the solution should be accessible and easy to use.

In the era of digital transformation, the most practical solution was to create a digital product, Klapper. Quick video chatting and user support, just a few clicks away from solving users’ issues. Digitization brings many benefits to our society but also challenges. Once you put yourself in the shoes of your users, you can fully acknowledge that. Our goal is to help SaaS businesses offer premium user support and experience with minimal setup efforts.

We all expect outstanding service, so why not offer it online?


To empower SaaS businesses all over the world to offer video-chat support to their users.


To erase knowledge barriers for user to achieve objectives online.