How does it work?

Simple & Fast

Klapper offers fully digitized user support experience in real-time for SaaS businesses available in a few clicks. The Klapper platform integrates quickly and enhances your users’ relationships while closing the communication gaps that occur in traditional user support channels. Premium video user support is now easier than ever!

Enter your Website

Provide your platform’s Website, and get a preview of how users will experience the Klapper icon.

Customize appearance

Add-on functionalities like Klapper are awesome for your user experience, especially if they look good. Adapt the Klapper icon to your corporate identity. Choose the right icon size, positioning, and color. Make it look like you want, fitting your design guidelines.

Invite your team

Ask your customer support team to join you. Promote them from simple representatives to specialized tutors. Allow them to build their identity and define their own specialties, so that users can find the best tutor to provide help.

Set up

Copy-paste a few lines of codes onto your Website, choose the plan that most suits you, or try it out free of charge for a few days. You’re all set to start the Klapper journey. Ready to video-chat with your users?

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