What is Klapper?

The #1 video support chat.

Klapper is a video-chat platform facilitating instant video calls between users seeking help and client support representatives (tutors) of SaaS businesses. Intuitive and easy to use, Klapper empowers SaaS businesses to offer high-impact, personalized video support with minimal setup efforts. If you want to offer more than an impersonal call center, choose Klapper.

Challenges with user support?

Are you there when your users need you the most? Or are you just like others, hiding behind impersonal call centers, pushing users into long waiting lines and painful self-identification procedures before they can speak with anyone? With all these barriers, how can you expect your users to make the most of your platform? Is that the experience you want your users to have?

Give your users instant help. Right when they need it, via instantaneous video connectivity with your customer support representatives (your tutors). Allow your users to connect with your best specialists, who will tutor them into making the most of your SaaS platform.

Great client relationships starts with Klapper

Better. Faster. Klapper.

Web-based solution

No need to download one more app, we keep it simple and accessible. Klapper is a fully web-based solution available on all smart devices.


Install the Klapper icon on your SaaS platform with few easy steps. Adapt it to your corporate identity by customizing the icon appearance. Get ready to offer video-chat support within seconds.


Forget about queues, long waiting times, and other non-sensical barriers between your users and your customer representatives. Klapper is about personal, instant video support.

Book sessions

Could not find your favorite tutor? Give users the possibility to book a session with their favorite tutor. Let users pick the most convenient time for a chat.

Review sessions

All sessions are automatically recorded, for users and tutors to replay at any time. Tutors can share sessions to foster internal learning and best practice sharing. Build your own session library.

No limits

Some issues require more time to be solved. No worries. Klapper is there for your users and tutors to engage until the problem is solved. No limits on session duration, or number of sessions.

Real-time collaboration

Solve problems through screen share. Let users point the issues, and tutors lead to the solution. Share material through the in-call chat. Add other tutors while in session. All in real-time, through video.

Upgrade your user support experience.
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