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It all starts with Klapper – the #1 video support chat

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Instant video calls with your Users

Give users the support they need, right when they need it, via video-chat support powered by Klapper.


Offer instant, video-based customer support

Facilitate collaboration through screen share and real-time chat

Let users search for tutors with specific skills

Unlimited sessions, unlimited duration

Allow users to book time with their favorite tutors

Let tutors share their calendar to simplify booking

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The Klapper way

No queues

Instant connectivity between your users and your tutors directly on the platform. No more ‘please hold’, or ‘press 13 if you really have a problem’.

Tangible help

Let users show where they need help directly via screen-share. No more ‘can you see this? Where? There. Where?’ non-sense.

Session replay

Want to go back to how a tutor helped you last week? no problem. Replay the session, and review the skill you learned.

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Max 10 sessions per tutor per week

Time per session limited to 10 mins

Max 10 tutors

Credit card upfront - with possibility to cancel anytime within trial period. Billing starts after 14 days.

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